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Reflecting Identity

For us, it's simple. Extraction, reflection, tell the story. Untold stories, unheard voices, unseen creators - we exist to let them out.

Thanks to the NFT revolution, our production studio builds on our authentic lived experiences and achievements to curate a sustainable relationship with a worldwide audience. We aim to build the first NFT-based Film/TV studio at the highest level.

About Let Me Out ProductionsAbout Let Me Out Productions

Let Me Out Productions is a Film/TV production house local to Sacramento, California.

In addition to our own team of storytellers and griots, we enjoy expanding our horizons with a diverse and curated list of talented artists, agencies, and influential creatives from around the globe to produce high-level audience experiences.



Cain Five
JeCarri & Marley: AuthenticityJeCarri & Marley: Authenticity
LMO Documentary


The word documentary has its root in the Latin word "docere" which meant to teach or instruct.

S.C. Food dir. by Ryan Young featured.

LMO Film Shorts

Film Shorts

Gestalt dir. by Mark Lammerding & Kimani OkearahJeCarri & Marley: Authenticity
The Devil You Don't dir. Kimani OkearahThe Devil You Don't dir. Kimani Okearah
Last Call dir. Kimani OkearahLast Call dir. Kimani Okearah


Sacramento QualitySacramento Quality

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Wedding Photography

Thank you for considering us to be a part of your special moment. Ya'll can make your wedding day into any story you want, & you're looking at us. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Our artistic photos tell your story of spiritual unity. We privilege capturing glimpses of memories that only will you will truly understand. We reflect emotional identity & it’s incredibly satisfying collaborative process.


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Sports Photography

The best stories in sports come from being ready at the right moments. It's about anticipating when and where the story is going to take place. Sports photography is journalism first.


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Web Design

Web Design

Responsive web design responds to the needs of your audience & the way they engage with your website. The layouts we design adapt to the size & capabilities of any device .

Let Me Out Productions Wordpress Development


Let Me Out Productions Joomla Development


Single professional photographer.	Occasional assistant as needed Additional photographers available as required.Canon workflow.Min. 1 hr for editing, additional time will be invoiced.Location scouting, lighting, color correction & HDR included if relevant. Our default frame is 3x2 (3600px/2400px) .jpeg unless other specifications requested.Make-up artist & stylist available upon request with additional costs12-hour Day Rate (# of frames as requested): 	Starting at $1450**Real Estate Half-Day Rate (50 Frames + raw images): 	Starting at $1000**Any event over 8 hours will be charged for the Day Rate. Includes Weddings, Seminars, Retreats. Let us know what other types of media we'll be working with!


Deposit: A deposit of 50% of job rate and a $50 booking fee is required to confirm booking, with the balance due upon completion. Deposits are non-refundable but in certain cases, they can be applied towards a future booking.

Disclaimers Regarding all Packages: Let Me Out Productions will not be responsible for extra costs due to additional equipment requested, lodging, vehicle rentals, usage fees, or other requirements beyond our control. We will consider all factors of the service request in our discussions and quote appropriately.

Let Me Out Productions, Sacramento Film & Digital Media Studio
Wordpress | Joomla | Drupal | Wix | Squarespace
PHP | HTML | Java 
Adobe Creative Suite | GIMP

Our team reflects your vision into a tangible identity. At minimum, we’ll provide an account manager and one of our artists to tell your story.

Min. $1500 deposit towards 10 hours, additional time will be invoiced. 

We’re available on monthly retainer as well as for individual projects. Our retainer is $750/mo or 5 hours a month, which are available to create content and manage updates & security for your handcrafted digital presence.
Canon workflow. GoPro workflow. Soney workflow.
Min. 10 hr for editing, additional time will be invoiced.

At minimum, we’ll provide two filmmakers to document your event, advertise your message, or otherwise tell your story through cinema. We use a Canon D-SLR workflow for ultimate creative versatility in full 1080p quality.